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We would of course be honored and delighted to just have you for the wedding. However, if you are going that far--why not make a trip out of it? Greece is filled with ancient archeological sites, sandy (or rocky for the deer isle crowd) beaches, and the best feta you will eat. There are so many many places to choose from--the Peloponnese, Crete, and islands off the beaten path like Aegina, Andros, or Sifnos. So the options are endless, but below are a few suggestions to get you started.

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~7-10 days

Fly into Athens and spend your first day checking out the Acropolis and the national museum before having dinner in trendy Kolanaki. Take a ferry the next day down to the famous island of Santorini. Eat the local food and drink the local wine on this dramatic island. Take the ferry up to Paros on Wednesday and watch the sunset over dinner at the beautiful Siparos restaurant. After the wedding make one last stop on Mykonos to have a relaxing lunch at Kikis before flying home.

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~5 days

Fly to Athens then spend the day sleeping and the night partying in edgy Exarcheia. Sleep on the ferry to Paros to gear up for the rehearsal dinner. Spend Friday recovering with a cocktail on Santa Maria beach before diving into the wedding. The next day take the quick 45 minute ferry ride to Mykonos (make sure to look at the island of Delos as you pass so you can say you did something historical to your parents). Spend the rest of your savings on a bottle at Scorpios. Try to survive the flight home!

Olympus 2.jpg


~1 week

Fly into Greece's second city Thessaloniki (where Morgan's Aunt lives). Drive north to the Naoussa wine appellation (different Naoussa from where the wedding is). It is widely considered to be the best wine in Greece akin to Italian Barolo. Then head south and hike your way up to meet the gods on top of Mt. Olympus--which Morgan climbed as a kid with her family. Next head south to catch the ferry to Paros to reward your hard work with some time on the beach and to enjoy the wedding!

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