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Beach "Formal"

I am sure we are not alone in trying to decipher wedding dress codes and what they actually mean. We hope that this page help with your choice of outfit.

First off, please note that we do not mean formal in the classic white tie/black sense--so please do not show up in a tux!

Men - Jacket suggested tie optional. We strongly encourage something lightweight as Greece in the summer is warm. If you have ever been linen-curious this is your moment.

Women - Need an occasion for a fun summer outfit? This is it! Long or short, bright colors and bold ostentatious vibes encouraged. It is Greece in the summer after all.

Note for footwear: this wedding is beach-adjacent, but not on the actual beach. All events will take place on hard ground.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.

What To Wear: Our Story
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