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There are two options for accommodations on Paros: a hotel or a villa. Below are some recommendations of hotels and some links/resources for finding villas. Please note that if you would like to avail yourself of bus transport to and from events, you'll need to find your way to stops within the boundaries outlined below.

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There are many boutique hotels in and around Naoussa. We ask that you stay at or very close to one of the below as we will have transportation at or near (final pick up points TBD).

In Naoussa

Hotel Senia

The Cove

Contaras Beach Hotel

Hotel Papadakis

Outside of Naoussa

Saint Andrea

Parilio Hotel

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Renting a villa is a great way to have a classic Greek island experience and are a good option if you are traveling with a group. Areas of the island near the venue are Kamares, Kolimpithres and Naousa to help with your search. While there are taxis on the island we would also suggest renting a car if you get a villa. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Villa rental resources

VRBO (much more popular than AirBbB in Paros)

Acron Villas

Danon & Co

Whitekey Villas

Bright Blue Villas

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If you have never been to Greece, we highly recommend spending a day or two in Athens. The Parthenon lives up to the hype, the national museum is extraordinary--the Mask of Agamemnon is worth the visit alone, and the city itself is vibrant and full of energy. Staying near Syntogma Square (the central square in Athens) makes getting to all the attractions quite easy. We enjoy going out to eat in the Kolonaki neighborhood as it is filled with many bars and restaurants and has a chic/cool neighborhood vibe (think Eixample in Barcelona or The Village in NYC).

Here are a few thought starters for hotels in Athens

The Coco Mat BC (In Plaka)

Hotel Grand Bretagne (on Syntagma Square)

NJV Plaza (on Syntagma Square)

Periscope (In Kolanaki)

Intercontinental Athens (In Koukaki)

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